The Purge

Cleaning out my big closet and giving away everything that I don't want: clothes, coats, shoes, hats, vinyl, etc. Yes, giving it away for free. Most of my clothes are vintage or bohemian. 
DM for address. 
From 12-4PM
Saturday 4/30/16

I give away my things instead of selling simply because I can. I remember when I lost everything. All my things were stolen from me and I had to borrow clothes for my first year of teaching from my best friends. Now, I have more than I will ever need and for that reason, I will always give things away. Consignment shops are cool but the feeling of seeing someone rock my stuff is far more rewarding than the few dollars I will get for selling them.

If you ain't never been down on your ass, you won't know how good this feels. To be able to just say, "take whatever you want. whatever you need." Religious folks call it blessed, I call it good. I am good.