Empathy and Understanding is All a Mother Needs

So many expectations come with being a mother, including getting it right all the time, and never losing your cool. So many mothers lose it when it comes to teachers and as hard it is not to want to curse the mother right back out, we can't! Not just because it's unprofessional but because we have a responsibility to assess the situation from a conscious level, not a personal-emotional level. 

You aren't just teaching the children. Your job goes beyond the classroom. Had a mother curse me out about her son before she came to the school today. Only hearing his story and defending him to the end honey! Do you know how many parents have cursed me out?! I've had my fair share. But I just listen. Straight-faced. Taking mental notes. I can see what they can't see: they are hurting. They need just as much love as their child does. We didn't just wake up with dysfunctional families in the hood. When I face angry parents, I'm facing generations of unleashed frustrations. I just listen. Then, I give them the real, immediately followed by suggested things that WE as a partnership can do together to support the child. I tell my students mothers: you are not alone. 

I just left the meeting and after we went outside together, we embraced with a hug. All she needs is love and understanding. If you want to connect to students' parents, listen to them. Do not misjudge them or take their belligerence personal. It's not about you.


  1. love this read. thank you for sharing your insights on this. i hope to look back on this and remember this when i encounter a cussing out from a parent!

  2. I was a substitute in NV and realized that issues start as early as in kindergarten. The children were so pressed that it hurt! Many broken homes! It really made me want to be a counselor as I was able to reach out to some of them. I've always had a heart to help and seeing what you're doing as a teacher really sparks for me!


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