Break-Up Books, Re-Birth Silohs, and Other Instagram Posts

Tired of seeing these screen shots on my Instagram page. They were really what I needed in the moment and if I need them again, I'll just come back to this post for them. This is the beauty of having a site in which I can archive my thoughts. 

Other books that were added to the comments:
The Mastery of Love 
A Course in Gratitude 
This is How You Lose Her 

These are absolutely my all time favorite tweets of life. Never have I ever been able to describe myself so accurately. I love these words. 

This enlightening DM between a beautiful stranger and I. 

This was a morning meditation. Although, I corrected myself where I said "always" -because sometimes acting on an emotional level is necessary to get us to be vulnerable enough to be freed. Freedom is the ultimate goal. 

We live in a world with way too much emphasis and expectations around the most disillusioned definitions of what it means to be friends. I'm not with it. We must retrain ourselves and begin to place value in the concept of rebirth-silos: phases in our lives in which we experience individual growth. There is a necessary solitude that one must endure in the pursuit of their soul's true purpose for being. In the midst of such silos, we may not speak to the very people we consider our closest companions for weeks, months, or even years. It would behoove you not to mistake such silence for a personalized gripe. It's not about you, it's about the energy that drives our needs; energy that is controlled by the seasons. In layman's terms: in order to grow, our circles have to be broken and rebuilt from time to time. Those that remain and reconnect as if the space and time never stood between us, those are the one I consider family.

"A Cry for Attention" was my response to a negative comment one of my post. What I realized was, the more I paid attention to those negative energies, the more I was attracting them. 



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