Silent Togetherness


Sitting in the Goodwill on 181st, reading near the assortment of leather belts and southern church lady hats. I told myself I was just going to browse for a grandma-flats. I have cute pair of brown ones but maybe I can find a navy or black pair. No luck. There's never any cute shoes in this thrift store but I didn't mind trying. I told myself I wasn't even going to look at the books but I couldn't help it, they are right there and I am right here. Picked up five of them. But I decided I would read some of them in the store instead of buying them. 

I found a lone, ivory folding chair and opened Sarah Ban Breathnach's "Life Book of Comfort and Joy." A book of daily reflection guides. The passage on June 19th, my birthday, drew me in. It was titled 'Onward and Upward in the Garden'. If you had a blog named after a garden, you would be drawn in too! On June 18th, the title is 'Choosing to Blossom'. If you had a mentoring and global service organization called The Flourishing Blossom Society for Girls, you would be drawn in too!

But I didn't read those. I went to July 19th instead. I needed to see what was written about today. It was titled, 'Carving Out Time for Personal Pursuits that Bring Contentment.' How fitting. I'd been reading in the library all day. I decided to give myself a lunch break at 1:30 and walked over here to the thrift store as an added bonus to my break. I know, even now, I need to get back into the library and finish reading but I can't help but note how good it feels to have taken this moment for myself. It's so chills in here. And I'm not the only one who knows it. 

Directly across from me is a young and strikingly beautiful brown skinned woman wearing a fedora and black slacks - summer casual. She's in the furniture section, sitting in an office chair that's actually for sale. She's been there for as long as I have been sitting here. Like me, she's reading, and has about four other books in her lap.

Subtle reminder from the Universe that I am not alone. I am never alone. She's part of my tribe and I am part of hers. Love it. It's like a silent togetherness. An unspoken sisterhood. A readers' club that only we know about, without having to even know each other.


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