Water Shackles

Take off your shackles
And run 
Be free 

You were born to rule everything under the Sun

Your own kind
Even your own mind 
May tell you differently
But awaken your Soul
See yourself through the Divine's eyes

Those are not real shackles 
They are made of water
You can move through them
Leave that water to the soil of your seeds
Promising to yield plenty without your tending
They don't need your attention they need space and time 
Trust their process 
Go off 
Go off and wander through wild jungles and tall oak woods and do not be afraid when it gets dark
You do not have to hide in the swamps 
You are free 
Get lost in new cities and explore
Stand in the middle of streets that were once walked by your ancestors 
They are still there, if you are there 
They are where ever you are, never letting you lone
because you are free 
Find yourself but don't stop once you've found
Keep evolving and rediscovering

You are the 
Violin of the bees 
Flute of the birds 
Piano of the rain 
You are the seasons
Promising change

Guidance is only one look away 

Mirrors were only made out of glass for the blind 
See yourself with all of your senses
You are everywhere