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I am grateful for year 9.  I am grateful for working on my alignment with source so intentionally this summer  I am grateful for being able to ride the train to work I am grateful for publishing a book this summer  I am grateful for a year of 64 new students  I am grateful for being here  I am grateful frank ocean  I am grateful for the love I feel when I am around other people  I am grateful for new opportunities I am grateful for modeling momentum I am grateful for meditating and grateful list  I am grateful for being on time  I am grateful for being a soul of light  I am grateful for loving reading  I am grateful for writing in a creative way I am grateful for intimacy with spirit I am grateful to get back where I belong  I am grateful to know what I was created for  I am grateful for allowing  I am grateful for dreaming and following my dreams in every sense  I am grateful for focusing intently on the task of being a light maker  I am grateful big warm hugs I am grateful for being a resource for others…

Reads for the Mental


Out of My Own Head and into Someone Else's Shoes

i wrote a really long letter to a friend recently and there still has been no response. ive gone through all possible reasons for the silence, thinking of what could be going through my friend's mind or if what i said was wrong and if i shouldn't have been so raw and honest. in reality, it's not about me. everyone takes their own time to process. their individual approach to communicating deserves to be respected. in the same way that i need thinking space, so does everyone else. 

Soundless Cries Don't Lead to Healing: A Critical Thinking Guide to Cultural Consciousness

After 8 years of teaching and 3 years blogging and writing for other publications, Valencia is finally ready to release her first book! Soundless Cries Don’t Lead to Healing: A Critical Thinking Guide to Cultural Consciousness pushes the reader to be honest with who they are and how their personal experiences have shaped their perceptions of others. It is a resource for analyzing current events related to social justice, race, equity, and other provocative topics that one may find themselves in too much of a perplexed state of silence to discuss. It includes tools for self-reflection, inquiry, and engaging in productive discourse, which will prepare the reader to speak out on today’s issues in an informed way, based on their own experiences, while still conveying an unbiased stance. With the artistic development of Siobhan Vicens, Soundless Cries Don’t Lead to Healing has been designed to be used anywhere from the classroom to a coffee shop. Join us for an evening discussion and celeb…

Autonomy over Everything

Is there any value in teacher autonomy anymore? How do they expect us to invest in something we have no say in creating? These are questions I asked myself this morning before realizing that I already have the answers: These scripts are safety nets that allow us, as a staff, to speak a common language around the lessons we are teaching. Then, I wrote some affirmations to sooth myself in order to avoid having an anxiety-induced mood swing, resulting from such an abrupt change. This really helped me to keep things in the most positive perspective. . Affirmations: This curriculum was not given to me to stifle my creativity or suffocate my freedom. It will enhance my pedagogical tool box and give me innovate ideas.  I will put my own spin on things and find ways to add accommodations for my students as I see fit.  I will not let a curriculum control my teaching style. I know what's best for my kids. Nothing can take that level of understanding from me.  I am intentional about being a…

A Poem Cradled

there's a poem cradled above the flooded streets of Baton Rogue.  a girl child floating with the soul of Moses.  bundled in a floating basket.  dreaming on another level.  receiving instructions from the Most High on her purpose for returning to this weary world.  through this image, she has already began her life of service.  in her resting place she speaks volumes. she reaches those that were blind yesterday.  they can see today.  they see her worth.  through her act of protest, they are forced to acknowledge the duties they neglected after Katrina left. they remember their responsibilities now. but will they act?

Milwaukee Thoughts

7:34AM Is this how we are going to define Black power? Are we going to allow this to be a representation of those of us who uphold the tenets of Black power? I am totally against perpetuating any violent and negative aspects of the struggle via social media but the undeniable level of ignorance in this clip cannot go unaddressed. My desire is that my people will read this and understand, every measure of activism we take must be thoughtfully executed. We must make intentional decisions that align with our plan to obtain equity. The problem is, we don't currently have a cultural-wide understanding of this plan. Everyone complains about how drugs, guns, and prison are a direct outcome of the systematic plot to destroy us, yet, we still have not crafted our own action plan to combat it. Collectively, we must put our energy into developing a sustainable strategy that allows us to move forward, instead of putting our energy into senseless and impulsive rioting that destroys our own co…

Happiness is a Conscious Effort

it's vital for my mental health that i remain consistent with the morning rituals i started this summer: meditate, read, nature walk. as much as i love teaching, working in a school that i don't love affects my moods. i realized this yesterday and i know i have the power to control how much i allow the energy of not loving my school impact my joy and peace. happiness is a conscious effort when you are in a place that doesn't naturally bring you good feelings. i don't hate the school, i just see myself in a different place - a place i can't begin to describe with a visual because only i can see it... but i can't go there yet. there's work to do here. and while here, doing this work, i shall be grateful for it all. the practice of gratitude for where i presently am is the key to maintaining the transcendental peace that i worked so hard to achieve this summer. 
affirmations: i am in control of my reactions to my emotions. i carefully monitor my feelings an…


After a long summer month of creating, I had to go back to work today. We kicked off our first day of a month of professional development sessions, which I really do not like. I do not like meetings. I like teaching, love teaching, but can't stand boring meetings. But today wasn't too bad and because I'm in leadership this year, I'll be leading some of the workshops. That's cool. I just couldn't wait to get back home. And as soon as I got home, I jumped back into my bed. When my head hit the pillow, I felt depressed. Really sad. And alone. Like I needed something that I couldn't quite figure out. That empty feeling that comes when I'm in the darkness, experiencing a low. Then, this little bird settled into my window and reminded me that coming home and sleeping at 5PM is unacceptable. She told me that I can't just stop doing the things that made me happy over the summer now that I am back at work. I have to come home and create, then, I can sleep. B…