Autonomy over Everything

Is there any value in teacher autonomy anymore? How do they expect us to invest in something we have no say in creating? These are questions I asked myself this morning before realizing that I already have the answers: These scripts are safety nets that allow us, as a staff, to speak a common language around the lessons we are teaching. Then, I wrote some affirmations to sooth myself in order to avoid having an anxiety-induced mood swing, resulting from such an abrupt change. This really helped me to keep things in the most positive perspective. .
This curriculum was not given to me to stifle my creativity or suffocate my freedom. It will enhance my pedagogical tool box and give me innovate ideas. 
I will put my own spin on things and find ways to add accommodations for my students as I see fit. 
I will not let a curriculum control my teaching style.
I know what's best for my kids. Nothing can take that level of understanding from me. 
I am intentional about being a strong team member who understands that as I go into this, lots of communication between myself and my administrators who have chosen this curriculum will be crucial! 
When I want to change things or don't see how something in the curriculum will challenge my  students to be critical thinkers or expand the knowledge of my students, I will not close my door and do what I want, I will go straight to them and confer with them about my ideas as an experienced expert in my field. 
I will use this as an opportunity for growth. 
I am a model for other educators who feel restricted by scripted lessons. 
I am going to push my students to achieve more than ever before as we all grow and learn together this school year.