Happiness is a Conscious Effort


it's vital for my mental health that i remain consistent with the morning rituals i started this summer: meditate, read, nature walk. as much as i love teaching, working in a school that i don't love affects my moods. i realized this yesterday and i know i have the power to control how much i allow the energy of not loving my school impact my joy and peace. happiness is a conscious effort when you are in a place that doesn't naturally bring you good feelings. i don't hate the school, i just see myself in a different place - a place i can't begin to describe with a visual because only i can see it... but i can't go there yet. there's work to do here. and while here, doing this work, i shall be grateful for it all. the practice of gratitude for where i presently am is the key to maintaining the transcendental peace that i worked so hard to achieve this summer. 

i am in control of my reactions to my emotions.
i carefully monitor my feelings and moods.
i take precautions about what i say and do to contribute to the space i am in because after all, i am Light. 
i am the creator of my own reality.

i am grateful for rising with the Sun this morning 
i am grateful for the birds racing past my window 
i am grateful for the breeze on my legs
i am grateful for the act of meditation 
i am grateful to have such a close relationship with Spirit
i am grateful for another school year and opportunity to work with the youth
i am grateful for the adults that i can learn new things from 
i am grateful for being comfortable with who i am 
i am grateful to know where i am going 
i am grateful to know that i am always guided and protected
i am grateful for practicing calmness 
i am grateful for learning when to be quiet 
i am grateful for forgiveness and humility