Milwaukee Thoughts

Is this how we are going to define Black power? Are we going to allow this to be a representation of those of us who uphold the tenets of Black power? I am totally against perpetuating any violent and negative aspects of the struggle via social media but the undeniable level of ignorance in this clip cannot go unaddressed. My desire is that my people will read this and understand, every measure of activism we take must be thoughtfully executed. We must make intentional decisions that align with our plan to obtain equity. The problem is, we don't currently have a cultural-wide understanding of this plan. Everyone complains about how drugs, guns, and prison are a direct outcome of the systematic plot to destroy us, yet, we still have not crafted our own action plan to combat it. Collectively, we must put our energy into developing a sustainable strategy that allows us to move forward, instead of putting our energy into senseless and impulsive rioting that destroys our own communities. The act of looting and burning down our own is NOT IN ALIGNMENT with our freedom as people of color. When we loot and burn down our own neighborhoods, we are doing exactly what the oppressors want us to do. We are acting off of our emotions, not thinking consciously enough to attack to our problems from the root. They are reveling as they watch us destroy our communities, so they can come in and gentrify them faster than they were already planing to. Our lack of knowledge benefits them most, always has. Check the statistics on the cities that are being gentrified the fastest over the last 10 years. It's those that had the most poverty-induced crime rates. But the people in this video do not know that. No one is teaching them this. And the more our people openly cheer and justify such rash behavior, the more we silence those who want to speak out against it because they fear being ostracized. The reality is exactly like Dr. King said, "a riot is the language of the unheard..." But we are way too focused on being silenced, and not paying nearly enough attention to the fact that the only way to reactivate our power and truly shift the system is to educate ourselves and get organized.