of a young bird

there's this theory 
when the seasons change
our internal moods shift as well.
felt myself..  
like watching waves crawl back into the ocean 
under a dark mooned night..
like the lone white feather that trails in the shadows floating below summer blue leaves 
felt it coming to a slow burn like the tip
of my black 
crushing against my gold asher

it doesn't hurt
doesn't even tingle 

my steps were inches apart 
to go home to an empty place 
to be home in a desolate space 
movement along the streets became such a struggle  
i hailed a car 
justified because the A train was the last place I needed to be under these conditions 
too dark under 
too low 

avoiding it
is as impossible 
as not avoiding it 

still low in this window 
this one candle lit room
living space for one

sounds like a phone off its hook
no one to hang it back up
no silence in this cave but
it's without a voice 
without an answer  
empty veins

heart beat moans 
songs of Billie or Nina
to escape the mad walking dream 
mirrors awaken the memory
i can usually beat this tar of an emotion 
except in fall

there's this truth
between night and dawn 
causes the sky to be tear drop blue
the air moist enough to grow arms
and fingers that wind my thoughts 
in the dew of words:
this is a season with self in leadership 
you are not down you are different
not the same
Source said:
keep your joy. 
my joy. 
don't let the insecure embarrass you
don't let lost laughs fret you 
silence is not staring at you 
it's affirming you
you're not wrong for your feelings
allow them
let them in
let them out
like the morning breaths of a young bird
like the morning cries of young bird
be unapologetically you
you cannot make other people comfortable. 
not anymore. 
it's a new season.

i rose with those words of dew from the low to a new
a day white of intentions 
pure of afflictions 


  1. This poem spoke to me on so many levels. I have been in such a strange mood that I have not been able to explain and this poem makes me feel like I don't need to explain it...thank you.

  2. Couldn't find the subscribe button �� I'd love to stay up to date with your work


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