Personally, I Don't Buy Generic Classroom Posters

Creating anchor charts with my students proves to be more effective in driving instruction and allowing them to retain and recall information. This week, I spent time setting up for the school year. As teachers, no matter the subject, we must be intentional about what we hang. Everything should promote active learning. Here are some PDFs of my posters, pictures of my boards, and examples of how students will use them. Going forward,  I will try to post the anchor charts my students and I develop each week (or biweekly).

The Use of Compelling Quotes
Below are a few of the quotes I hung on my closet doors. I have 10 closet doors with about 24 quotes.   I used the WordSwag app to generate my quotes. I used thumb tacks instead of staples so that students can take them down and bring them to their desk. They are also lamented, incase students want to mark them up and annotate them when reflecting on the words.

These quotes can be used as a daily warm up. Teachers who hang quotes can choose one for their students to reflect on or students can choose their own. 

Ideas for Journal Entries and Discussion:
How does this quote apply to your life?
How would the world be different if everyone lived by this quote?
What life experiences may have led the speaker to say this?
How would you reword the quote?

Monitoring Independent Reading
This year I used one of my bulletin board spaces as a visible journey within the "reading zone" - which is my school's name for our independent reading block. Students in my class are assigned an ongoing homework to read 15 pages a night in their independent novels. As part of their daily routine, they will be prompted to change the page number on the visible reading tracker as they enter the classroom. 

Making our reading visible will allow us, as a class, to hold each other accountable for completing books. I also believe it will be intrinsically motivating to see their numbers increase as they read every night. The goal is for my students to finish 3 books a month but for those that are reluctant readers, even one a month will feel great. I support and celebrate that.

*A norm (or rule) I have set is that each student waits for the person before their name to change their number before going up to the board. This will alleviate the issue of everyone being crowded at the board at the same time.

If you use these in your class, tag me in your pictures and let me know how they work out!