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Servant Leaders Speak Low and Listen Loud

9:49PM Now Playing: Speak Low - Billie Holiday  As a woman, I am becoming a lot less self-absorbed. Oddly enough, this is allowing me to notice the beautiful contrasts between myself and others. A stark difference that I have recently taken note of is: many people are not as transparent or vulnerable as I am. Sometimes this can be attributed to comfortability, other times it can be attributed to timing. Fact is: everyone processes their emotions and needs in their own way. I have learned that I have to be very aware of the way I listen and speak to people. I have to monitor and sharpen my ability to empower their voices, instead of trampling them with the ferocity of my own. Implementing a reticence of such takes a high level of self-confidence in one's self as a servant leader. ...confidence and practice.    

Homeless Roses

8:07PM NP: How Much a Dollar Really Cost - K. Lamar Who gave this mouse the permission to eat the hummus off of my roommate's fork? I love my roomie but he is always, unconsciously, leaving treats behind for Minnie and Micky. The worst is when he leaves spoons in the sink, with thick traces of peanut-butter on them. I had roaches in my apartment as child. Growing up, my grand taught us to rinse and fill the dishes with water if we weren't going to immediately wash them; that way, the roaches wouldn't come and feed off of what was left in them. My roomie never rinses anything. When I went into the kitchen, nasty brown Micky ran out of the sink and hid behind the washing machine. It's a sign that I cannot get too comfortable. I need to keep grinding. But it's quite frustrating. Our apartment is so clean. I mean really, we keep it spotless... But we still can't seem to get rid of the rodents.  But I'm living with them. When I mo