Servant Leaders Speak Low and Listen Loud

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As a woman, I am becoming a lot less self-absorbed. Oddly enough, this is allowing me to notice the beautiful contrasts between myself and others. A stark difference that I have recently taken note of is: many people are not as transparent or vulnerable as I am. Sometimes this can be attributed to comfortability, other times it can be attributed to timing. Fact is: everyone processes their emotions and needs in their own way. I have learned that I have to be very aware of the way I listen and speak to people. I have to monitor and sharpen my ability to empower their voices, instead of trampling them with the ferocity of my own. Implementing a reticence of such takes a high level of self-confidence in one's self as a servant leader.

...confidence and practice. 



  1. "servant leaders speak low and listen loud" Love this!

  2. Peace Valencia,
    I've been doing some work in Harlem, and would love to connect with you. If you have a chance, please e-mail me -
    Lots of Love,


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