Talking to Myself

Who can say whether you're going the right way when there is no map? The problem is, we have so many directions and apps at hand, we expect all of the decisions we make to be as clearly routed as the blue line between the green and the red flags on Google maps. 

Close your eyes. 
Open them back up. 
What do you see? 
And that's all you'll ever see. 
So trust that Self and go. 
Go and know that you will meet your destiny-destination. 

Just might not get there in the way you had in mind. You may not even get there. Prepare your atmosphere to go farther than you can imagine. 

Plans are based on what you know you want. Destiny is based on the reason for our existence. As much as we think we know why we are here, really, we don't know at all. Hence, the reason why we have to be flexible enough to deviate from our plans during this whole life thing. You haven't seen the highest potential of your greatness yet. You never will because even when you think you've reached the pinnacle, there's an even higher place for you. But the only way to get where you are living to go is not up. You must learn, the only way is the way you go. 

Block distractions.

Trust yourself. What if yourself tells you to follow the path that makes you happiest and everyone else says, that's crazy! They question you like, why would you do that?! Forget them. Trust yourself. You'll never be going the wrong way, you're creating your lane as you go. And if you're truly living in your purpose, the chances of anyone going where you've been before are 0 to none. So they can't tell you anything. Only you know. 

Stop looking back. 
Stop looking for someone to say yes

Money will come. 
Money is just one aspect of the things you need to survive, e.g.: love, genuine spirited people, the freedom to create, sunlight, and good food. You have always been provided with all of the above and you always will. Don't worry about anything that you don't have right now. It will come. And it will go. And it will come again. Nothing is permanent and nothing is promised except for this: you will never be without. Trust yourself. Trust your journey. 

There is no wrong way 
Every step you take is moving you forward 

Your progress is not linear.
It's abstract.