Winter Solstice

doesn't deserve a reaction 
Reserve responses for energy that feeds the soul 

Put poems in vines
Place words in rhymes 
Create in the dew

A morning
Winter grey
Lined wood copper gold light
Enough to see 

Flower blooms 
Without Dirt up underneath

Flower woke
Flower just woke up 

Dirt was but a dream 
Flower created their narrative 

Flower made Dirt important 

Dirt is just there 

Flower felt herself leaving Dirt's ground 
Flower put herself to sleep to avoid honesty

Flower's nature was to clinch with fear
Flower held on
Flowered didn't want to lose her comfort
Flower didn't want to be without a home

Until Flower realized
Flower could bloom without Dirt

Flower woke up

Because Flower wanted to 

Dirt don't deserve Flower's thoughts 
Dirt don't need to see these words 
Or hear them 
Will go on with the thought that Flower is still under Dirt's control 
Dirt needs the love of Flower
though Dirt does not nurture or cherish
Dirt needs Flower to get through the dark nights and sunless days
Just knowing Flower is there has been enough to sustain Dirt because Flower is Flower

Flower knows Flower now 

Flower knows 

Dirt will come back and Flower will say no 
It's not what Flower needs or wants

Flower is worth happy 
Feeling good in all interactions 
Feeling satisfied with reciprocated sentiments 

Flower will always love Dirt
Dirt helped Flower grow

But Flower is preparing Flower's atmosphere for a water new

Flower will always love Dirt 
But Flower will not need Dirt to live

Dirt loved the power Dirt had over Flower  
Dirt never had love and attention consistently
Dirt loved the attention and consistency of Flower 
Dirt did not love Flower in the way that Flower wanted to be loved
Dirt did not love Flower 
Dirt loved who Flower was

Dirt had no confidence 
Flower gave Dirt hers 
Flower gave it all to Dirt 
Flower was dying in Dirt

Flower knew
But Flower did not want to accept 
Flower slept 
Flower painted a garden of illusions and desires 

Even though Flower knew 
The separation was for the best 

Flower is alive now 
Awakened winter morning
Flower breathes  
Flower sees

Dirt and Flower are not friends 
Dirt and Flower are were now

What they were 
How they were 
Who they were 
Is no longer relevant 

Is not dreaming anymore 
Flower bloomed
Flower woke up