L is for Levitate

This candid was taken right before I pulled off, leaving the city I was born in, to get to the city my great grand mother died in. Taking everything you own and packing it all up into a uHaul and driving that baby all by yourself for hours while the sun sets the clouds purple and fuchsia and the waxing crescent leads you alongside the North Star is the most rewarding New Years celebration I could have asked for and I didn't even ask for it. 

Now, I'm laying on my bedroom floor. I didn't want wall to wall when I was looking for my condo but at this point, carpet is proving to come in handy; I don't have a mattress, yet. It's not so bad down here on the floor, especially because it's my floor. Tay is cool with it. This is a really nice sized bedroom and the living room is spacious too. Its all so white and pure, I hardly want to fill it with anything. 

It's peaceful. No music. No voices. Sirens howl in the distance but they may as well be white noise to a native New Yorker. Once they pass, it's completely silent again. So silent, the taps of my thumbs on the keys echo. 

I never saw this coming, this whole opportunity to expand my territory. Though, I prayed for increase, I didn't imagine that would mean I would be able to live in downtown Baltimore and still keep my space in New York City. I officially can sing, "I have two homes", to the melody of  Kevin Gates', "Two Phones." Ha!

After a long day of packing and traveling down the road, when I got here, I couldn't fathom unpacking much of anything from the uHaul. The valet took the van and I took my shower curtain, rug, pillows, quilt, and black suitcase. Everything else will have to stay until I get energy and people to help me tomorrow. I'm tired now. My shower was amazing. My very own shower. My bathroom. My floor. My doors. My stove. My walls. Finally. 

I have 70 unread messages. I had been driving since 9AM this morning. I guess they all piled up over the course of the day. I hope no one gets mad at me but I will take my time an answer all of them tomorrow. Now, the question is: how do I have energy to write this and not respond to them. Simple: I can't let my first night in my place go by without me documenting how blessed and humbled and joyous I feel to be here. After all that I have been through, just in the past two months! To be a witness to where I am now. I am where I deserve to be. I have to always remember this! Ain't no storm ever going to hurt me. The storm is nourishment. No, not pleasant but quite plentiful in providing growth to the manifestation of my seeds. 

Before closing my eyes, I have to say a prayer of thanks: 

I am grateful for the art of meditating and levitating 
I am grateful for the experiences that led me to this place of peace 
I am grateful for having my very own warehouse loft 
I am grateful for spending time in solitude 
I am grateful for being patient and humble enough to live in small, shared spaces that allowed me to save my money 
I am grateful to be back in Baltimore, though, I am sure I don't even know the half of what this means 
I am really grateful that tomorrow my fast will be over and I can have coffee again.. Oh how I missed coffee 
I am grateful for the love I found when I was in NYC
I am grateful for the love I learned to give to others 
I am grateful for not being afraid to say no to the job offers in New York
I am grateful for facing my fear of depleting my savings to be where I want to be 
I am grateful for family, laughter, and my pup
I am grateful for 2017, what beautiful number. 
I am grateful for my intimacy with God and the knowledge that my relationship with God can never be destroyed. 


  1. So happy for you! 2017 is your year :)

  2. Twenty seventeen ain't ready, beautiful.

  3. You are such a inspiration, continue being you ��!

  4. I'm a 34 year man who loved showing your essence to my 3 daughters on Instagram to show them a spirit different from the norm and ordinary as I view you as another strong influence to look up to. I watched this and felt it. #salute to love, there's nothing more gratifying and powerful!! Peace to a Real One. @BrownVintage


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