5:16AM in Baltimore

I took a long bath last night.
Saw through my third eye. 
Practicing such.
Takes practice to focus on the light in darkness.
Mind wants to wander to memories.
Third eye offers a glimpse into the great unknown.
Takes practice to hone the skill of seeing through what's not there in the physical. 
I'll keep getting better. 

Voices took me back to my first scare.
The night I slept in the closet.
It was my first time acknowledging them being there, in my head...

Now they detox my soul. 

Tonight I learned that I must trust myself. I was gifted with Voices to guide me. 
Not to hurt myself. 

Nothing is to harm me. 

Trust myself. 


Energy into things that feed my soul. 

Humble and grateful for where I am in this very moment. 

No big words needed. No rhymes. No metaphors. 

I am enough.