Additional Commentary from David DePeña on Dominicans and Blackness

My friend, David, tried to post this last night on my IG post (see previous post) but it would not go through. I had to upload it here for you all to read. It's so true. On so many levels. And I'm still learning. 

I used to teach a lesson where I showed the kids all different pictures of Black people like Tracee Ellis Ross and A-Rod and Homer Plessy and so many others and I asked them to sort who is white and is not and they would have all these categories of Asians, Indians, and Blacks, and "Spanish" and in the end I said, "No, everyone is Black."

But my struggle now is that I really want to say, "There's no such thing as Black. We're human. We are only Black because Western Civilization has labeled us Black .." But for so long, we all shunned from being proudly Black, that to denounce being Black would almost be blasphemy... Right?? 

David: Exactly!! Black is operating as a social construct at this moment. But I don't want to abandon blackness because there is power in it. We know this but I hear you. 

We are knocking at the door of enlightenment. This dialogue is so necessary.