Wellness and Work

Grateful: I work at school that upholds mental health. Never will I take that for granted. My work is appreciated. My voice is valued. My mind is safe. It's freeing to be able to say how I am feeling, to cry in front of my administrators about my anxiety around my  sheer desire to be a great teacher and they respond with support. It wasn't always like this for me - because I used to wear a mask and harbor my feelings. Learning to be honest about my melt downs and seeking support is proving to be a stronger coping mechanism than just journaling and keeping things inside... When you work with children, it's important that you stay healthy in the head. It's important that you let people help you. It's important that you are humble enough to ask for help, no matter how many times or different things you may find yourself needing help with. You're not alone. You will be disservicing the children if you don't seek help for yourself. In order to seek help before a melt down or manic episode occurs, you have to stay mindful of where you are at all times. I knew I was growing more and more depressed today. I felt myself coming to a scary place. So, I reached out. Now, I feel better. We came up with a plan that made me feel like I matter to my school. That matters to me. Communication is so important. You just have to be able to say how you feel. Doesn't have to be eloquent. Doesn't have to be filtered. Just let it out.