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The After Midnight Text

A text from a student at almost 1 AM, usually only means one of three things: someone died, someone is pregnant, someone needs me to get them an uber home from a boyfriend's house or some party so they won't get into trouble!!! 
I met her when she was 15 and she was in my very first group for young women, "Freedom Style"...this was before Blossoms was official. 
During my early years as a teacher, I was so honest and vulnerable with my students. The bonds we have built still remain today.
She's 23 now. When she texted me at almost 12:45AM, my heart dropped. I was so afraid but it turned out to be the total opposite of anything I was imagining. She just needed love. How beautiful is it that a girl who grew up with addicted parents in a dysfunctional home could reach out to her old teacher for help when she needs it, instead of looking for love in all the wrong places? How beautiful is it that she is able to identify her own moods and realize that she is experiencing …

Balanced is the New Black

When I was 16, I was in a group called YEP (Youth Empowerment Program) ... Honestly, I joined because everyone else in my hood was in it and it kept me out of the house. We went on trips to the Apollo, we talked about civil rights, we learned about our culture and our roots, but most importantly, we memorized and recited the serenity prayer at the end of each meeting. 
"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
I have never forgotten it but I have also never, consciously, used it since then. 
Today, I celebrated my first month ever, of being balanced. In the last 30 days, I haven't experienced any mood swings. No lows, no highs. Just balanced. At peace. 
The words of the serenity prayer came to me as I reflected on the main reason why I am in this blissful state. I meditated with intention every morning and night, I allowed negative energy to leave from my space, I rem…

No Such Thing as Writer's Block

Creative-stillness is meant for us to get out of our own heads. 
When all of the voices are quiet, they leave us to feel unguided by our usual pain or joy. Most artists find that they have no idea what to do with themselves when there is absolutely nothing wrong with their lives. We don't know how to draw inspiration from calmness. We only know darkness. As much as we fought for peace, in it, we only find a boring balance. The nerve! 
Instead of allowing this period to cause depression - which occurs in most artists who beat themselves up when they feel like their ideas are not good enough - realize that there is a reason for having no sense of direction right now. It's not a mental purgatory; it's a freedom to seek and explore the path to the next level... 
Can't force it though. All we can do is:
1. Read more to gather inspiration. 
2. Take long walks with no destination. Not a drive. A walk. Letting the elements of nature surround the mind. 
3. Listen to podcasts and watc…


i was stopped by a bootleg man in Bedstuy while walking my dog.. purchased two movies: Get Out and Beauty and the Beast. walked away but the boot leg man asked me what i was reading. "The Mis-Education of the Negro" ... The bootleg man began telling me that "the schools in Brooklyn ain't exposing our kids to the real..." He went on for quite a while before i asked him to think about walking around selling black history books in the hood, along with his DVDs... I wonder, will they sell???

Questionable Prophesies

I was in my mid-twenties when an African preacher called all of the single women to the alter and prayed for us. He poured half a bottle of holy oil on my head, ruining my fresh blow out.
"You all will be married by the end of this year." I looked back at my aunt who was screaming, "YES GOD!" Receiving the words and believing them for the both of us.
That was probably like 4 or 5 years ago. 
I knew when I turned down Dekalb, there was a reason. I'd missed my turn by two blocks. Even with Google maps, Brooklyn always loses me. 
I walked, admiring the wide terraces that loomed above my head. These weren't brownstones with stoops, they were newly renovated two family homes. I wondered who lived in each building. One had a conservatory feel, with unfinished logs for benches, in the style of an urban outfitters picture or a swanky air bnb...
My steps began to feel off beat, I was no longer in sync with my own rhythm. There was a drum near, calling my legs. Tambourine…

17 Lines

Don't be:
Afraid to speak  Afraid to follow your intuition  Afraid to let people walk away  Afraid to walk away from people  Afraid to be different Afraid to be alone  Afraid to start something new Afraid to go against the grain  Afraid to lose it all  Afraid to gain more than you asked for  Afraid to be aware Afraid to close your eyes  Afraid to see with your third eye Afraid to say no Afraid to wait  Afraid to go 

IG via Twitter April 2nd

Protecting my space is essential if I want to remain creative, balanced, and strong enough to lead. I allowed people to tell me about myself so much in my youth that I really believed I was as "stuck up" as they said. I'm not stuck up at all. I am an introvert. I don't trust easily. And I dont prefer to have a bunch of people around me. What are you here for? What do you want from me? I'm not paranoid at all. I have the intuition of the ancestors guiding me. I can see the fake just like I can sense the love. There's a difference. I pay attention to it all. It can be intimidating but if so, say that, instead of saying that I am "rude" or whatever else ... Only the people with the gift of seeing through a person's mask and straight into their soul can relate to this. Im learning how to deal though. Asking myself how do I make people more comfortable without dumbing my power down? The act of asking is enough for me to know that the answer is on the…

Channeling 7:24PM Earth Time

Don't ever fool yourself. 
Every conversation you have is apart of the plan. 
Every person you meet. 
Every tree that sways and bird that sings and light that turns and train that blows. 
There is a grand scheme. 
Youre a star in a galaxy. You are to make a picture for those that come after you to look up at and see. You are here for a purpose. Those that came before you came for you. 
You have people in your life who will lead you if you allow them to. Move, intentionally. 
Don't be fooled by popularity contests and numbers. You will find answers in the meek. 
Signs are near. 
Sleep is for dreaming. 
Don't stop paying attention. The children have messages for you. 
Pay attention. 
Prepare yourself for the next place in your journey. The children there are waiting for you. 
You have dreams of them. 
He was not there two years ago. He will not be there now. He will not be there then. He served his purpose. 
They all have. 
No looking back to them. Do not reac…