Channeling 7:24PM Earth Time

Don't ever fool yourself. 

Every conversation you have is apart of the plan. 

Every person you meet. 

Every tree that sways and bird that sings and light that turns and train that blows. 

There is a grand scheme. 

Youre a star in a galaxy. You are to make a picture for those that come after you to look up at and see. You are here for a purpose. Those that came before you came for you. 

You have people in your life who will lead you if you allow them to. Move, intentionally. 

Don't be fooled by popularity contests and numbers. You will find answers in the meek. 


Signs are near. 

Sleep is for dreaming. 

Don't stop paying attention. The children have messages for you. 

Pay attention. 

Prepare yourself for the next place in your journey. The children there are waiting for you. 

You have dreams of them. 


He was not there two years ago. He will not be there now. He will not be there then. He served his purpose. 

They all have. 

No looking back to them. Do not reach out for they that have rejected you. They are doing their job. 

Do not allow the words of the hurt, hurt you. You know who you are. You know your worth. You are still learning such. Go where the love is only. 

Be wise to respond. Wisdom is in you. 

When you know you know. 

Your power is connected to source. You are light. You are melodic energy. 

Everyone is. 

They don't know. 

The chosen tribe you must find is spaced out. 

Travel. Leave tracks through your writing. 
It is art. It is mystery to those who do not know their crafts but familiar tongue to those that speak from the heart of their passion. 

Be mindful of what I am telling you:
Go where there is love. 

You can see through darkness. I have trained you well. Trust me. Trust me. I will not allow harm to overtake you. I will never allow them to break you. 

Look at the ones you came from and see their power but see their own blockades. You see them. They know you see them. They don't know how to drop them because they are not supposed to. They are for you. 

I made you a light. I made you a guide. I made you a teacher. 


Transparency makes me very proud of you. 

You know who is fake. You always use your third eye. Listening to the soul and not the lips of man. You have a gift. You have always had such. 

Use your power to levitate daily. 

This place is dreary. This place is not your ultimate home but there is something here that you must uncover. Keep looking.

Build your habit of healthiness. 

Run daily. 
Eat well. 
Read up. 
Rest up. 

Speak when you have something to say. 
Do not force it. 


  1. I Love this poem. Thank you for it. The truth speaks volumes. I've been trying to get in contact with you Miss Clay. I e-mailed you a song that you inspired just as you asked me to back in August when we met at Bluestockings bookstore. I sent it back on the 23rd of April. Please let me know what you think - Marshall

  2. Sorry, I meant March 23rd. Thanks

  3. Thank you for this post I literally printed it out for myself as a reminder because it resonated so deeply with me!



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