No Such Thing as Writer's Block

Creative-stillness is meant for us to get out of our own heads. 

When all of the voices are quiet, they leave us to feel unguided by our usual pain or joy. Most artists find that they have no idea what to do with themselves when there is absolutely nothing wrong with their lives. We don't know how to draw inspiration from calmness. We only know darkness. As much as we fought for peace, in it, we only find a boring balance. The nerve! 

Instead of allowing this period to cause depression - which occurs in most artists who beat themselves up when they feel like their ideas are not good enough - realize that there is a reason for having no sense of direction right now. It's not a mental purgatory; it's a freedom to seek and explore the path to the next level... 

Can't force it though. All we can do is:

1. Read more to gather inspiration. 

2. Take long walks with no destination. Not a drive. A walk. Letting the elements of nature surround the mind. 

3. Listen to podcasts and watch documentaries that have nothing to do with work. 

4. Re-visit old projects from at least a year ago, revel in the growth of consciousness or non-growth. Just revel. Reveling is good. 

5. Turn off the news. Turn off the phone. Meditate for at least 15-30 minutes with this chant: 

I am creative. 
I receive all of my ideas with a renewed sense of purpose. 
I am ready for the next phase in my artistic journey. 

This could go on for days. Currently, it's been my reality for the last few weeks. I have so many ideas but my ability to focus my energy on just one has been really difficult. I just can't seem to find a passion for one thing or another. Everything bores me or feels redundant or worst of all: cliché. I hate trendiness. Activism feels so trendy, lately. Though, I am authentic in what I do, it's how I do it that I am careful of... And right now, I am stuck in the mud of figuring out exactly how I am supposed to do the work I was created to do...

But I know this cycle all to well. Whenever I am about to start something revolutionary, I find myself in a total creative-hault. I am grateful for the wisdom to know it won't last too long. All I have to do is read and chill. Let it flow. I'll keep following the steps above, too. 

Then, I can go back to cultivating my greatness.


  1. I Needed that. Thank you💙.

  2. I was actually having this "trendy, cliche" thought about my life's purpose/direction very recently. Everyone is a "life coach" or "self-care advocate" and even my hobbies, entertainment is so saturated and because of it, I feel uninspired. I feel like all the things that I ever wanted to do are already being done and finding a place for me is difficult. Especially knowing that a lot of the people who are doing it are much younger than me. I feel like I ignored all of the things I wanted to do because I was too busy working and being in school on a journey that wasn't necessary chosen by me. So now I am feeling regretful that I didn't choose for myself and follow my heart when I was younger and feeling the urge to do it. Now, my creativity is usually stifled by my over-thinking and doubting that I can create a space for myself to have an abundance of success. I am ultimately in my own way, so thank you for writing this. I appreciate you more than you know.

  3. Thank you so much for this. What a wonderful reminder!


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