The After Midnight Text

A text from a student at almost 1 AM, usually only means one of three things: someone died, someone is pregnant, someone needs me to get them an uber home from a boyfriend's house or some party so they won't get into trouble!!! 

I met her when she was 15 and she was in my very first group for young women, "Freedom Style"...this was before Blossoms was official. 

During my early years as a teacher, I was so honest and vulnerable with my students. The bonds we have built still remain today.

She's 23 now. When she texted me at almost 12:45AM, my heart dropped. I was so afraid but it turned out to be the total opposite of anything I was imagining. She just needed love. How beautiful is it that a girl who grew up with addicted parents in a dysfunctional home could reach out to her old teacher for help when she needs it, instead of looking for love in all the wrong places? How beautiful is it that she is able to identify her own moods and realize that she is experiencing a low? How beautiful is it that she didn't turn to drugs to fill her emptiness but instead, is about to begin her journey to self-love? How beautiful? It's unmeasurable. 

But this is the exact reason why I share sooooo much about my mood disorder in such an open way. There are too many young people who are in my shoes and though I never knew anyone else "like me" until I was damn near 30, I won't let them be able to say that. I share so much of myself so that my students and my peers know that they are not alone. Never alone. Never alone. Never ever alone. Ever. 

I am proud of my baby girl. 

I hope this post helps others to understand that when you have a voice, use it. Your story is not your own, allow others to grow from your rain.


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