Joey Badazz in the Classroom

This is exactly how I teach my close-reading lessons with short stories. It can be done with song lyrics to encourage student engagement and it's just really great practice for them! Try it and let me know how it goes!

1. Play the song "Amerikkkan Idol" by Joey Bad-A$$ (Modify for students by printing the lyrics for them to read along. This is helpful for students who may need visual accommodations.)

2. After listening once, have students generate a list of theme labels with a partner or at their table groups (if your students work in cooperative groups).  Call on students to share out and anchor the list on the board or on chart paper (which ever you prefer). 

3. Play the song again. This time, allow all students to close-read and annotate the lyrics. This will help them clear misconceptions. 

4. Have students reevaluate their lists and cross out words that do not depict the themes of the song. Erase the words off of the board that they suggest. 

5. Students should answer the prompt: 

What is the theme of "Amerikkkan Idol"? Choose two lyrics to support your response. Be prepared to share your response with the class.  

*Get permission from admin because of profanity.