Book Launch: Broken Keys Don't Unlock Doors

From the uncensored and unedited voices of Baltimore’s youth: We have stories to tell. 

This book is filled with poems, personal narratives, and essays about racism, discrimination, corruption, and violence in urban education and our distrust in the system that is supposed to be supporting us. Read about the structural doors that need unlocking, keys to problems that need fixing, and our poetic reflections on finding a way out of the trap. Each handwritten story was pulled from the heart and there was true love poured into the illustrations. This is our contribution to our city and our world. 
This is Broken Keys Don’t Unlock Doors


  1. I will surely make this book available on my Book Review website for customers to share their thoughts and/or favorite chapters!

  2. Hi there,
    Great piece in the City Paper today. I'm one of the Education Librarians at Towson University and would love to buy the book by your class for our students and professors in the College of Education to use. Any chance you could shoot me an email at mdesharnais at towson dot edu ?


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