Could Be Great

I was a loser in high school because I was a follower. I was a follower because I was unsure of myself, low self-esteem, different than the people I wanted validation from. How do we keep our students from falling down this same rabbit hole? We need curriculums that stress soul searching in every grade. It should be mandatory that we center our work around teaching about healthy-individualism.  

There are grown-up followers that only like people or do things because their friends like those folks or do such things.

Like, grown like, over 30. This is why it's so important to teach the youth to embrace who they are and shape their own identity. 

Nothing more sad than an adult that does not know how to think for themselves or worse, thinks but decides to remain a follower because they don't want to risk losing their "friends." 

It's super corny to me and to everyone else. We see you. You have no identity and it's really sad because you really could be great. 

But is it really your fault if we live in a world that praises the norm and shuns the abstract - simply because people are not comfortable with what they don't understand? 

We should not wait until we reach a certain age to begin to find ourselves, it should start as early as we can begin to develop our thoughts. If we are serious about change, we have to be intentional with our youth, way earlier than we are now. 


  1. Thank you for validating me 😢 I'm 24 just now discovering myself. I just wanted to be accepted for who I am


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