Under Acne


In an uber heading to meet josh at the jazz fest on Charles. I missed him. So glad he made it back stateside safely.

My mentor came by to drop off a few things to me. Asked me what's wrong. Said she can tell things are wrong. I thought she said it because of my skin. Ever since moving back out here, my face has broken out. Cystic acne. I never had acne as teenager. Only broke out once in my mid twenties but to be this age and breaking out is nothing short of annoying. And I'm as healthy as I can be. Okay, I could probably be a little more healthy but for goodness sakes I gave up coffee! Why is this still happening?! I gave up cheese! 

What ever. 

Ironically, she said it wasn't the acne. She said its in my eyes. I hugged her and just began crying. Not sobbing but definitely crying enough to appreciate her warmth.

My stress level isn't any higher than it used to be when I lived out here but my body reacts differently now than it did back then. Things are just different when you hit a certain point. And I heard my elders talking about how things within the body are different at certain ages but my hormones are really working against me. 

I really don't feel like writing anymore. I'm about to get out anyways. 

Spending time with her and now about to see Josh... Grateful. Too much to be grateful for. Even under acne.