Delicate Beginnings

August 2, 2017

Did not make art today. I slept. A lot. Worked out and slept. Meditated. Cooked yams and rainbow chard, and slept. Dreamed a dream that felt real but I don't remember under the sound of countless rain drops. There were at least 3 storms today. Maintenance man came to fix the AC. Still broken. With windows up, I  watched the clouds turn from white to pink to grey. 

Listening to the Randy Crawford vinyl I picked up in Berkeley. Her lyrics are my private journal entries and thoughts that I couldn't find the words for until I heard hers. "A new love is like a new born child. Tender and sweet and in need of care." This is so true. "Like a tiny baby, 'til it grows up strong." That's my mood lately. Treating my self-love with so much delicate care. "Cherish and guard it and hold it close. Give it your heart and pray it grows and grows."

That's all I did today. That's what I've been doing all summer. 

Maybe tomorrow, I'll publish my piece on gentrification or the one on reverse racism.... maybe.


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