What am I?

If a woman is what she thinks all day, 
what am I?

I am chosen. 
I make no bad choices. 
I make opportunities for myself. 
I see what's not always apparent. 
I am wiser from every situation. 
I am confident in my gifts. 
I am able to hold myself as the focus of my joy. 
I appreciate the small things. 
I learn fast. 
I am not afraid of my intuitive voices. 
I am powerful. 
I manifest what I need and want. 
I am guided by the ancestors. 
I am not alone. 
I know what love is. 
I don't believe in mistakes.
I am always in the right place at the right time. 
I pay attention to everything. 
I am a beautiful soul. 
I am growing everyday. 
I am aligned with Source. 
I attract people that expand my thinking. 
I am intentional. 
I am thoughtful. 
I move in the Light. 
I do not avoid my feelings. 
I do not avoid confrontation. 
I understand that growth is not always comfortable. 
I know I am loved. 
I have true loved ones in my support system.
I don't make excuses for myself. 
I don't make excuses for others. 
I am not always right but I am always learning. 
I let go when I know it's time.
I am free. 
I am creative. 
I am able to turn pain into art. 
I am a dreamer. 
I am a visionary. 
I am moving at my own pace. 
I am an inspiration to those that need Light. 
I am becoming a better person everyday.