Vibration of Expectancy

I expect myself to stay in alignment with Source. 
I expect myself to hear the Voice at all times. 
I expect myself to be in the right place at the right time. 
I expect to find the answers to my questions in the right time. 
I expect to understand why things happen. 
I expect to apply my knowledge and use my wisdom.  
I expect to be accepting and allowing.
I expect and anticipate starting my own family when the time is right. 
I expect my companion and I to be the root of a strong family. 
I expect to open my own creative spaces for the youth. 
I expect to travel the world as an author and educator. 
I expect grant money. 
I expect and anticipate being financially free very soon.
I expect to be loved and respected everywhere I go. 
I expect my visions to become clearer and clearer. 
I expect to grow my perspective by learning and listening. 
I expect to go beyond my wildest dreams. 
I expect to live beyond my potential. 
I expect myself to be effective with communicating my needs and feelings. 
I expect myself to be effective and empathetic as a listener. 
I expect myself to grow. 
I expect myself to find peace and love in all things. 
I expect myself to attract opened minded, always in alignment, super creative souls into my vortex. 
I expect my spirit to remain louder than my flesh when I am experiencing anxiety or frustration. 
I expect my students to teach me as I teach them. 
I expect my love life to go beyond one companion but to reach my family and his family and our friends. 
I expect to be a model of unconditional love and the capacity to forgive. 
I expect my mother to be clean and on her feet again. 
I expect my father's ancestors to guide me in his absence. 
I expect my mistakes to become opportunities for learning, change, and art. 
I expect my joy to transcend. 
I expect my heart to heal others'. 
I expect my mind to empower others'. 
I expect my love to build others'. 
I expect great things that I haven't even thought of yet. 
I expect to expand my platform. 
I expect my ideas to manifest. 
I expect a simple wedding and a modest ring. 
I expect a little girl and a little boy. 
I expect a condo in New York and a loft in Baltimore. 
I expect to own land in another country. 
I expect to live in Paris with my companion for at least 6 months. 
I expect to take my students all over the world. 
I expect my spirit to speak louder than my ego. 
I expect my awareness to grow daily. 
I expect my circle of loved ones to be just as aligned as I am. 
I expect my sister to be at peace. 
I expect my brother to be happy. 
I expect my ex to be successful. 
I expect my enemies to find love in my heart and words. 
I expect my enemies to love themselves better. 
I expect my soul to fly and levitate. 
I expect my children to levitate. 
I expect all things in due time. 
I am anxious for nothing. 


  1. Great Expectations. "In Jesus Name,Amen."

  2. I just want to say... thank you. I have been having more challenges with my depression lately and I look to your blog as an ignition for my healing behaviors- journaling, reading, praying. Thank you for what you put out into the world because it helps more than you know.

  3. This was so peaceful...I am going to write my own expectations soon.


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