A Note to Instagram

Why I Unfollowed You: 
A Sincere Business Move

I have been accidentally finding my way to the right place at the right time for years. No matter how many ways I sabotaged a situation, everything still always worked out for me. But what happens when I am consistently purposeful and intentional about every single decision I make??? This is a practice that I put into place at the beginning of my summer and it has truly shown me my power on a higher level. 

The habit of awareness is flowing so naturally through me. I am at the point where I don't "think" thoughts, I RECEIVE ideas.. I've been levitating and listening so intently. I have a vision that I can truly change the way we educate ourselves and our children, forever. But it is going to take WORK. 

One of the steps I am taking to get there is through my Instagram: dedicating it, completely, to education. This is no longer a platform for me and my cute stuff. I want it to be a resource for educators and parents and creatives who aspire to impact the world. This is the reason why I had to let many of you go. And I am explaining because I do not want anyone to create their own narrative about my choices. That leads to toxic energy. Clear communication is the wave.

What can be expected moving forward? Educational content, 

mental health/self care (because you can't change anything until you take care of yourself first),

and tools for activating consciousness

Who do I still follow? 

People who are doing the work.

If I have offended you, please know my heart and my goal to change education are totally in the right place. This is not personal at all. This is bigger than friendship and social media analytics. I am confident that this explanation will allow you to look at your own life's work and think of ways to step your game up as well.

I love you all. Thank you for your continued support. And for those that messaged me before being quick to unfollow me because I unfollowed you, you're the realest supporters I have. Seriously, much respect.