Teaching Tupac: Analyzing, Annotating, & Responding

*This is a growing lesson plan because I am mid-teaching... may be finished tomorrow. It has taken longer than expected because of all of the scaffolding measures I needed to put in place, the main one being annotating a text. You see, I am new to my school and never met my students. I needed to figure out what kind of readers and writers they are. From the assessment, I learned that they never learned how to close-read. 

It started as a pre-assessment on the first day of school. They read TuPac's "When Ure Hero Falls" ... my current unit is based on defining the hero. 

I'll add the full lesson when I am totally finished with it! 

For now, here are the videos of what my class and I have done, in response to them not passing the assessment because they did not understand the poem. 


  1. I really want to say you remind me of some of the revolutionary educators such as Bell Hooks and Paulo Freire. But girl you are revolutionary in your own right and I KNOW that one day Valencia D. Clay will be in the same category as those educators I mentioned before. Keep up the outstanding work!!

  2. Yasssssssss!!!! Best comment everrrrr!

  3. Ms. Clay what was your pre-assesment about?

  4. so thankful for your commitment and tenacity in working with our youth!

  5. This is amazing!! I love your ability to keep them engaged and reference pop culture.


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