Reading as an Act of Service

I am an over-thinker. Deeply involved in my own head. Without reading, my perspective would be extremely limited to the messages and ideologies of the mainstream world. So I read to expand my imagination, compassion, and ability to problem solve. The conflict is: not enough people are doing the same. Brains washed and hung to dry and they don't even know it.

Collectively, when we gain new ideas, we all have to begin sharing them with people who don't have them. Whether it's an issue of access or exposure, we that know have to help others who don't know.

I don't want to build a community of educated intellectuals who have meet ups and talk about books and culture. I want to reach beyond those of us that already understand the importance of learning for ones self. Summits and conferences are cute and fun for networking but I am more interested in going into the neighborhoods and spaces that have never even heard of most of the people we look to as public servants. Spend time teaching, just teaching, not standing on a stage giving a speech. No. I'd rather go down south and read with some children who have had 3 different English teachers in one year. Or to DR where little girls are growing up to be maids instead of living their dreams as nurses. And my grand mother was a housekeeper who rode the bus from Harlem to Hartsdale for like 35 years. I read to her. Helping her unlearn the self-hatred she was taught in her youth. That's my definition of service. That's where my heart is.