Love Rampage No. 5

I love. 
I love. 
I love. 

I love how vivid my dreams are. 
I love how I saw myself exactly where I want to be. 
I love how my loved ones were right there with me. 
I love how easy it is to make my dreams my reality. 
I who who I am this morning. 
I love how my week ended. 
I love how my sweat shirt fits into my sweat pants into my boots. 
I love my denim jacket. 
I love my big wild hair. 

I love my classroom.
I love not having first period.

I love breathing. 
I love relaxing.
I love letting everything happen. 

I love seeing my lover in my dreams.
I love waking up next to him, up under him. 
I love seeing Tay on the side of us. 

I love that Tay knows I am his home. 
I love that I did not get angry with Tay today for being disobedient. 
I love how he has taught me to be a better mom. 

I love knowing. 
I love not knowing. 
I love sleeping. 
I love good meals. 

I love seeing everything from a beautiful perspective.
I love how I handled this rude woman last night. 
I love that I knew it was her anxiety that made her be so rude. 
I love that I let it go after it happened. 
I love the growth. 

I love knowing that next week there will be a true healing among my team. 
I love not allowing myself to be silenced when I have a gift. 
I love asking for help on using my gifts. 
I love receiving the help. 

I love having somewhere to be tonight. 

I love not being afraid to stand out. 
I love my God level confidence. 
I love my God level creativity. 
I love not rushing. 
I love inspiring. 

I love being Ms. Clay. 
I love being Valencia. 
I love being Delorise. 
I love being Delorise's grand child. 
I love being a New York southern soul. 
I love being a product of the Great Migration. 
I love being connected to my roots. 

I love letting people be. 
I love knowing that people will rise when they are ready. 
I love being awakened. 

I love not judging. 
I love not dwelling. 
I love not harboring. 

I love seeing. 
I love not seeing. 

I love feeling. 

I love feeling good. 
I love how that is all that matters. 

I love how good teaching makes me feel. 
I love how good my students are. 
I love how beautiful my babies are. 
I love how beautiful I am. 
I love my days. 
I love my nights. 

I love learning. 
I love unlearning. 

I love going on and on and on and on

I love momentum
I love momentum 

I love my levitation 
I love making my kids read 
I love making my kids learn 
I love how they react to new information 
I love how they connect new ideas 
I love being able to inspire people all over the world 

I love removing my ego from the work 
I love removing my shady glasses from my perspective 
I love giving my self to service 

I love not knowing when to end this rampage  


  1. You inspire me to be me more than ever. You inspire me to do all the things I want to do but for real. You inspire me to let me voice be heard too.

  2. I love everything about this.
    I love how I relate to many of the things you love, even know we are two different people
    I love how you appreciate the things in life by simply acknowledging them

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