No more. In a society that continues to herald the infamy of our communities by brainwashing mass audiences through media that depicts our 'hoods as wild and dangerous, we say, no more. It's as if the hood is synonymous to the jungle. But wouldn't we ALL, not just those of us who are "woke" but all! of us, have to mentally and financially be freed in order for us to be akin to the creatures in the jungle? Are we America's zoo animals? Socially and economically, caged and marginalized by the control of "their" meticulously allocated resources. The direct result of systemic redlining by the various housing acts and the big banks of America, positioned our neighborhoods to be doomed. With no jobs in the early to mid-nineteen-hundreds for many of our youth, they took to the streets. Convinced that drug money was going to save our souls, when in actuality it created an even bigger market for us "zoo birds" to become domesticated "jail birds."

This weekend's Paak House concert offered a radically different message, in these most needed of times. The event wasn't about any of the artists that graced the stage. No press nor mass promotions. No airs were put on. We came together for the children and to serve the perseverante resistente muy fuerte MacArthur Park community!!! 

Collectively, we rejoiced ourselves into the highest vibrations, empowering everyone in attendance to remember WHO WE ARE and how much POWER we truly have, despite our current circumstances. 

But we can't stop here. We, as a culture, have to commit to rebuilding our own communities. Gentrification will do it if we don't do it first. And the problem with gentrification is: the property value goes up but some how, the reading and math deficit among our schools remain the same. 

"They" don't want us to know that the knowing of self is our first step to liberating our communities. This is why I appreciate Jhene Aiko's candidness on the topic of mental health. This is why the work of @lamorenitaaa @lets.give @paakhouse @ms_carriekylie and @meremir are crucial. As humans, we are all artists. We are all educators. We are all healers. This is the truth. Knowing this goes beyond allowing the illusion of "what's wrong" to be a distraction! Knowing this means we have the responsibility to respond through our actions, now!