Day 23

Today was my 23rd day waking up to spend the 1st 15 minutes of the day, writing a love list. Out of those 23 days, there was only 2 where I found myself, mentally, in a place that was too hard to write. So, instead of writing love lists on those days, Ashley told me to write an “easy list” and focus on what’s easy, since everything felt so hard.

The beauty of writing as a form of meditation every morning is that it helps me keep track of my moods, triggers, and reflect on how much the good really does outweigh the bad.

January can be a very depressing month. February is even worse. Try writing a list of what you love every morning. Like the one below:

I love standing in Penn Station watching these Black men rack up on money as they play these classical instruments.

I love how people look at them in awe because of how “hood” they appear...

I love how they are playing my favorite love songs.

I love how the birds flew up to me today.

I love how I could hear the call of my name in their feathers..

I love the promise of the sky..

I love how grey cement is..

I love how my boots look on top of the grey..

I love how my old BFs still love me...

I love how easy it is to talk to them about things..

I love how my relationships never end, they just evolve...

I love my sisters..

I love that we are having our coat drive this Friday..

I love that we love helping others..

I love my students and how they love me...

I love how my students work hard even when they are frustrated with how hard the work is...

I love how I can see God in their eyes...

I love how close I am to my aunt...

I love how she teaches me as she still learns, even at 70...

I love my nails and toes even though I could barely afford to get them done..

I love how I decided to treat myself...

I love how I am handling my “problems” by focusing on what I love instead of my “problems”..

I love knowing problems are only illusions.

I love knowing, the more I focus on what I love, the more love I will manifest..

I love the color white on my bed..

I love reading DMs from strangers who see themselves in me..

I love my personal journey..

I love being aware of my Light.

I love being.

I love.