On Blackness and Cardi B via IG

The face you make after you BLOCK nonsense from your energy. And I’m tired of having to explain the same things over and over again: 1) Stop creating contrasts between me and  @iamcardib, don’t disrespect her or any woman on my page. 2) Dominicans are Black. And if you still decide to say, “Dominicans are not Black” you, my sweet baby, are a puppet because that is exactly what Trujillo wanted you to believe back when he was only letting Europeans into the country and bleaching his skin. Don’t talk to me about Spain unless you know the history of the Moors, and if you know that history, then you won’t talk to me about Spain, because you already know the Africans ruled Spain for 700 years. Go to the library and read about how Europeans erased our history from the books to the statues. Why you think the Sphinx has no nose? And really, there’s no such thing as “mixed people” unless a person is the product of an animal and human or a machine and a human. But humans making other humans, is life. Stop saying mixed!! Come on it’s 2018! I’m still hearing, “mixed people” are not “black enough.” We are the product of being stolen, raped, exploited, and oppressed, too. Glorifying which groups of us are the most broken down will ensure that we, collectively, remain the most broken down!!! Anyways, I love all of you who send me love. I promise, even if I don’t see it, I feel it. Y’all energy is pure enough to push through the ignorance and find its way to my heart. To the Hotep-father-earth-mother-sky in the face-head trolls: Understand I am an educator and I am classically trained in the art of turning any and every experience into a lesson. I am forever and always going to capitalize on your ignorance by making it a teachable moment. African Americans are not the only Black people in the world.