Via Instagram 2.25.18

My friend Kerby blessed my students and I with a trip NYFW to see his Pyer Moss show a few weeks ago... they were front row, met celebrities like Fabolous and a bunch of others whom they admire. They love fashion and it was important to Kerby that these Baltimore boys had the experience of witnessing a Black man doing it on such a large scale, for the culture. Exposure is everything. This is good teaching. We even had time to go to Brooklyn Museum to see the Adidas exhibit that I was featured in. And they turned to me and told me they were proud of me. It just felt good to show them how limitless our potential is, period. The next day, I looked at the pics and I listened to what I said in that video. All that stuff about love superseding all, hit me kinda hard. I talk so much about love but I don’t even talk to my mother. So after 3 years, I facebook messaged my mom to tell her I love her. Truth be told, I did a lot of crying this month. They were not, “Im hurting” tears, they were “I’m healing” ones. And I’ve been off line—mainly because I don’t feel creative when I come home from school, I just want to sleep. But also because I have been working really hard in my classroom and giving BHM speeches on the weekends and not putting enough into myself, only into others. So I’ve just needed a break from the net. The good news is 1) my mom responded with love and we are at least sharing small talk here and there. That’s a start, better now than never. Better small than nothing at all. 2) I’m taking all 80+ of my students to see Black Panther on Weds, the last day of BHM, thanks to one of my IG supporters, who is a student at the University of Toronto. He offered to pay for them to see the movie and we are forever grateful.