Extrinsic Motivation v. Intrinsic Motivation: A Testament

spent my last $90 on their little party yesterday (see previous post) just to wake up to messages like this. They know I don’t ever do awards for doing what’s expected man! To see me make such a big deal about them READING, was a message to them. It was intentional. And it worked. It’s like @thetwentiesgal said to me, “They are children. They won’t always have intrinsic motivation at first.” So true! And I believe once they have the skills to read on their own, it won’t matter if they intrinsically want to read (and change the world one book at a time!) as young adults! They will, at least, have the option to do it! It’s all about having the ability to access the text! I’m supposed to be meditating right now but my concentration has been off lately. Hoping my weekend in ATL gives me some fresh air to refresh my thoughts. Happy Friday family!