I was 17 via Instagram 3.15.18

I was 17 ... I remember my guidance counselor at BOCES told me that I would never be broke after high school because I would be able to do people’s hair in college like she did... but what I really learned, outside of doing hair, was that I was able to succeed. I got my first A in math at BOCES because my teacher was a special educator — well maybe it had less to do with her being a sped teacher and more to do with her being able to break it down for me. I literally failed Math B (nyc ppl know what class/regents that is) twice before going to trade school. Grateful. And I didn’t decide to be a full time cosmetologist because I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. Only time I actually find myself using my skills is when I do my students’ hair lol #tbt (most people have no idea I have a cosmetology degree ... that’s that Dominican side of me lol jk)