In Celebration on My Students’ 1st Novel

My students know: “Ms. Clay don’t do awards!” but honey, they made me so proud. Finishing their very first novel. I used to be so frustrated at the system when I would find out my 7-8th graders never finished a book! Actually, I used to get frustrated about EVERYTHING they dont know, never learned, and didn’t know how to do — but acceptance is key. And no, acceptance is not the same thing as allowing.

I accept the truth: our children are going through years of school and not learning enough. But I do not allow them to leave my classroom in the same way they came. .

It’s not about what they “can’t do!” It’s about what I need to teach them how to do!!! And these children allowed me to teach them how to read! No fake reading. Really comprehending!!! Really critically thinking!!! Proud! Proud! Proud! Gave some awards and a party in every class today! And for the babies who are still persevering through their first book, I see you and I support you!!!!! Y’all up next! Don’t give up! Love youuuuu!!!!

Finished Book List: Animal Farm; 1984; Parable of the Sower; Divergent; House on Mango Street; The Art of War (All books were chosen from the SpringBoard curriculum Unit II—Utopian Societies)