PoWer to Me

What is poWer to me? 

A girl with a book in her hand, using it as a Weapon against any thing that comes to destroy her. 

KnoWing that she is never going to be complete because she is infinite and eternal 

and the only time 

she Will feel full is 

When she is learning... 

then she Will share that knowledge, 

until she feels depleted and need to be filled again and 

nothing Will fill her like a good book can, 

or a documentary, 

or a trip to a new land, 

or a deep conversation with a stranger about ideas that inspire her to run home 

and create 

and paint 

and dance 

and Write 

and sing 

and be 

as free 

as she 

was born to be. 

But back to poWer, 

a poWer that doesn’t need to speak to be heard or push to move a mountain. 

A poWer Wise enough to know: 

all she has to do is think it and so shall it be so.