Different Bey

This is not the Beyonce I grew up on.  I was in middle school when Destiny’s Child first came out and I can recount the evolution of Bey from then to now. Her ability to step outside of being “the perfect American r&b singer” to being exactly who she wants to be, today, is nothing short of inspiring. I feel like it began when she became a mom, and since then, we have been able to see more and more of her unapologetic, authentic self. From the Drunk in Love video to the Super Bowl to Lemonade to last night’s performance at #Beychella. I haven’t seen anyone talk about this aspect of the queen, yet, but “Suck on my balls!” and holding up the blood sign— no ma’am, this isn’t the Beyonce we grew up on, at all, and I love her now, more than ever for it!!!


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