Blah No. 1

I feel like blah. 
Period came. 
Kinda wish I had a cupcake. 
Want to go home. 
Need to do my taxes. 
We will always owe something to someone as long as we live. 
I don’t know what we are here for. 
What does it all even mean?
What is the point of any of this?
I know my purpose but what is the purpose of my purpose?
What happens next?
Are people real? 
Is this all an illusion I am living?
Is this the dream?
Is everything else fake?
Would I survive outside if I wasn’t able to work and feed myself?
Are there really differences between cultures?
Why can we still see things without them being in front of us?
Who does this all benefit?
Maybe I don’t create like I used to because my heart isn’t in it anymore. 
Where is my heart?
Where am I?
Why am I here?


  1. Is this all an illusion? Sometimes I ask this question and then I have to silence my mind because I start thinking that if I think too much about it then I may slip into another consciousness that doesn't allow me to connect with those around me. Why I am here? Once you have accomplished the "to-do" list of being successful per graduating high school and college ....What's next? Do we live in this state of doing, wanting, needing for the rest of our lives? ..... anyways I loved this poem of introspection... Thank you!


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