Love List

I love waking up to the pink and blue skies 
I love the sound of the birds 
I love dreaming about Tay as a child weird 
I love the idea of getting away this summer 
I love this resistance because I know it will lead to flow
I love knowing that there is nothing wrong
I love knowing that I am in the right place 
I love passing NBCT
I love passing the GRE
I love venting on IG
I love how my writing is getting better 
I love knowing it will keep getting better 
I love how people read my words 
I love how people relate to my words 
I love knowing I’ve been here before and I overcame then and will overcome it now. 
I love my thought process 
I love closing my eyes for minutes 
I love sleeping 
I love knowing I don’t have anything to prove to anyone 
I love deleting social media 
I helping others 
I love writing 
I love that this is driving me to figure out a better way to create 
I love moving forward 
I love always moving forward 
I love writing my books this summer
I love knowing that pushing through is my only option
I love knowing that these feelings are normal 
I love knowing that I am beautiful the way I am
I love freeing myself from the things that bothered me 
I love shutting down instead of blacking out yesterday
I love getting better everyday.
I love taking one day at a time. 
I love knowing I know nothing. 
I love letting go of control.
I love telling my friends that I need girl time. 
I love asking for what I need. 
I love receiving it every time.