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Softened  By my breath I looked up and saw the arrival of Self  I am  Here  

Summer Solstice

10:13PM NP: Lost & Found —Jorja Smith I think I love my freedom more than I love love. But love is your highest ideal and my highest ideal is freedom therefore, I love love as much as I love my freedom.  This won’t come as a surprise to those who have fought for their freedom... freedom from childhood trauma, from the fear of getting either locked up or killed, from the voices of others who label you because they don’t understand themselves enough to put energy into fixing themselves, so they try to fix you.  This freedom, I know this freedom. It grows inside of me. I lost the need for validation from the world when I gained this freedom.  My imagination is most important to me. I need the freedom to dream. I need the freedom to see beyond what’s in front of me. I need to be allowed to fly even if no one else can see my wings. Since they can’t see them, they fear what will happen if I jump. I don’t find the need to prove myself anymore. I know I can fly. It onl

To My Homegirls

Where is da love Inside yourself