A Month Flew By— Self-Realization

Note: It takes more strength to be quiet and allow people to be wrong than to use energy to correct them. 

Fact is: you have a beautiful life. You are beloved by the world. And you are so amazing. 

You don’t need to ask what your purpose is. You are already living it. 

Let people did their own holes. 

Just let it feel good to know you are right and keep it moving. 

You make me proud when you listen to me. 

Do not hand your power over. Keep it. And keep it moving. 

Takes strength. But look at you this morning. You listened to me. And you remembered WHO YOU ARE. 

I am favored 
I am already here 
I am going far 
I am creative 
I am loved 
I am wise 
I am thoughtful 
I am honest 
I am reflective 
I am forgiving 
I am humble 
I am strong