Adding Texts: The Good Braider

Baltimore changed the Humanities curriculum back in June. I’ve been spending time reading the required texts and figuring out where to insert supplemental texts.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Does your principal allow you to go rogue with your scripted curriculum? How do you have time add to it?!” The answer is through literature. I base everything I do off of the required texts. I add more and align my lessons with the modifications my students with IEPs need and formative assessments that I collect on a daily basis. 

Basically, I prove that what I am doing is going to have a direct impact on the students and I show evidence of their learning. “The Good Braider” is not in my curriculum but we will be reading other narrative poetry novels, so this is a natural fit. The voice of the main character rings from the trenches of Sudan. It is relevant and relatable, being that sometimes, it really does feel we are at war here in Baltimore.


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