Live: K. Fidel Releases Hummingbirds FROM the Trenches


The rain that poured and roared about an hour ago over Charm City cleared up just in time for Kon to release, Hummingbirds in the Trenches ... but he is not simply releasing his book, he is opening the gates that have kept us hummingbirds in the trenches. Tonight, we are free.

Typewriter flow. Left my journal home I feel naked. All good... this forces me to blog in the moment. Level up. 

The ambiance in Arena Players needs much work... I want to invest in this space, it’s too close to home for us to not take care of it. 

I don’t think we have ignored it, I think we don’t even realize what has become of it because we steady vibing out in it. When the grooves feel good, you don’t stop to notice it, you
allow yourself to remain present and enjoy. 

 Desi is an amazing story teller. I recorded his set, plan to use it in the classroom, help the kids learn to tell oral narratives. Such an art. One of the many talents we, as a people, naturally covet. 

Eddie Vanz is so talented. Kon once called him a genius, and I know he does not throw that word around loosely. His last verse was so fire. I hope he drops an EP. 

Ladies and gentlemen, 


Black Asset was remarkable. I can listen to her sing for a lifetime. I recorded it on a voice note, instead of visually. Will add it to my mixtape, with her permission.



The man of the hour...

Dah and I were the last ones to leave Kon’s after party. I didn’t want to use my phone, so I journaled my thoughts from tonight on a napkin. In a nutshell, I am beyond inspired by my brother. Honored to have been a witness. He has truly freed the creative in me from the darkness she was mourning in... I am renewed in my hunger to develop artful lessons that will cultivate generations of Kondwanis and Devin Allens and D. Watkins and Derays and Shan Wallaces and Jessica Moores and so many other Baltimoreans that are visibly working to transform our city. 

I needed to see him and all the other artists so that I could remember how much I love to heal through creating. I love creating to heal. 

Remarkable evening. 
I am grateful.