The Tunnel Vision of the Introverted Creative

A quality possessed by all introverted creatives is tunnel vision. 

Today, I walked by a woman I truly admire and did not speak. Not once but three times. Before you turn your nostrils into a flare, hear me out. 

I was in my head. 

I could write a long drawn out piece, detailing each separate encounter but then you would waste your time reading a story that would simply conclude with, I was in my head. 

What I often forget: 
When I am in my head, I don’t see anything outside of it. This could mean people, places, or things. So many people have told me that I saw them and did not speak to them; my answer is always, “Really? I did not see you!” No lie. 

The more I read these books on children who are suffering from trauma, the more I understand how my own brain has been impacted by the same experience these books talk about ... so I won’t sit here and get down on myself about being rude today or any other day, because I know it was not intentional. 

And I won’t blame my mental “illness,” either. 

Madness is not an illness, it is one of the reasons I am driven to be creative. So I “blame” my creativeness for my sh’t today. I have to slow down and remember to look up and around. Not acknowledging people can make them feel unloved and I don’t want to be the cause of those kinds of emotions. One thing I should always do from now on is speak when ever I walk into a room or space. No matter if I know the people or not. Just a simple hello is all it takes to prevent this from happening, again. 

May seem like no big deal to some but I guess I am a bit sensitive to energy. Sometimes people don’t have to tell you when you’ve done something that causes them to question their importance to you... I apologize to the woman I walked by theee times until I finally spoke, today, and any other person I have tuned out when I was in my head. It’s not personal. I promise.